We are SO excited to finally get to share with you our new video we filmed this summer in California! This whole idea started out when we ran across the song Go Do by Jonsi, we instantly knew that was the perfect song for our film. We emailed Iris and Light and told them we loved their work and we’d travel anywhere to shoot this film, just name it! It wasn’t long after that we jumped on a plane and flew out to Nevada, packed our stuff into a tiny car and drove down to June Lake where we met up with them. We spent two days climbing mountains and trees, canoeing and jumping off cliffs into subzero water. Jess and I are all about having fun and not taking ourselves too serious and Iris and Light did a amazing job capturing our vision and making it even that much better! Enjoy!

Behind the Scenes


A huge thank you to Iris and Light for taking some rad stills.. we never get pics together!

  • Samantha said:

    I said it before, and I'll say it again... AWESOME!

  • Brandon Springer said:

    Thanks Samantha :)

  • Shonna said:

    So amazing! This and everything else!

  • Absolutely stunning video! So much talent and inspiration flying around here!

  • Millie said:

    I am so in love with this video. I first saw it when Nick Radford posted it, and I didnt realize it was you who was the subject matter.
    You and Jess are so freaking adorable, and this video completely captures you guys. So soooo rad!

  • Katie Moriarty said:

    WOW- this was so amazing! I absolutely loved it. It really captures your imagination, creativity and sense of adventure.

  • darling said:

    Love it - you guys look amazing - the video is beyond beautiful and it truly captures you both beautifully!

  • Noah Fleming said:

    The filmmakers did an incredible job with this. The behind-the-scenes is a remarkable look at some very talented artists. The on-screen talent was pretty good too :-)

    Good stuff Brandon & Jess.


  • Cecile Verheyen said:

    Gorgeous...Can't believe you jumped both in that icy water...CONGRATS Jessie and Brandon...love you

  • Patricia said:

    You guys, I can't get over this video!! Absolutely phenomenal! Best photog promo video I've seen yet! Hope you two are doing well!

  • Hannah Sons said:

    Wow. Amazing, amazing, amazing. I never wanted it to end.

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