Fonda + Tina | Surf Inspired Engagement

We are really excited to be shooting Fonda and Tina’s wedding on new years eve.  We did a ‘Love & Style’ shoot them on Sunday and brought out our 1972 VW Bus.  We thought since we will be shooting their wedding in the winter this would be a completely opposite look.  Big thanks to everyone who helped us on the shoot!

Here are our favorites….

  • Brittany said:

    Oh. Oh Wow. That is all I can say. I am kind of speechless

  • cassandra-m said:

    One of my MOST FAVORITES engagement sessions ever! I love the creativity of this shoot, as well as the AMAZING images. Those with the coke bottle should be on billboards for "coca-cola" :) such a great vibe to this just made me SMILE SO BIG!

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  • Eileen said:

    Wow, this is so cool. I've seen a ton of engagement shoots on the beach and this one will be the most memorable one for me so far. What beach is this?

  • Brandon Springer said:

    Thanks Elleen
    Its actually a small beach called cedar Island in Kingsville. We shot it to look more like Cali, all we needed was waves!

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  • brooke simon said:

    wow, amazing photos!
    many congratulations to the beautiful & fun loving couple!

  • Very nice pictures brandon, im a big fan of beach scenes and of VW camper vans!

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  • jeyjoo said:

    Inspirational dude

  • verity woolf said:

    What an amazing engagement shoot! I love the photos. Great work!

  • Austin said:

    Who was the photographer in this?

  • Marie said:

    Great concept! Cute couple! Awesome shots!!!

  • Lisi-lu said:

    Great photos, love the B&W ones!

  • Amanda Trent said:

    Nice! The one of the reflection in the side mirror is amazing! There is a heart shape light in between ! Beautiful!

  • Ro said:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  • shortjess44 said:

    This is absolutely adorable. these photos are gorgeous!

  • Ethan said:

    Fantasy photos. The picture which use the mirror reflect the couple 'faces is my favourite.

  • holy crap on a cracker batman these are beautiful images! I love EVERYTHING about them! Have been trying to do some more stylized shoots and really you have set the bar HIGH! Thank you for sharing such an amazing session!!! WOW

  • Alejandra said:

    Omg im a big fan of you brandon, I live in Mexico :) Youre seriously my favorite photographer of all (And i've seen a lot, lol) Im just 15 years old, but i wanna be photographer when i grow up :) But, WOW youre amazing. Thanks for such inspiration!!

  • Brandon said:

    Thanks Alejandra. I just checked out some of your work and its really great, you have an eye for good lighting. Keep it up!
    -Brandon Scott

  • Joanne said:

    Question: Were these photos taken in August 2011 in Kingsville Ontario? I think we were at the beach that night. My son who was 3 at the time was in love with the VW camper van and still is a big fan.

  • Brandon said:

    Hey Joanne yeah that sounds about right! Everyone things it was on the beach in California little do they know :)

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